Product Engineer (Medical AI Software)


 2-5 Years


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1. Participate in demand analysis, product planning, prototype design, process system document writing for B-oriented artificial intelligence medical device software, responsible for project execution and effect evaluation.
2. Responsible for demand feedback collection, product customization and subsequent iterations of the international sales market.
3. Assist the international product registration department, customizing the clinical functions of the software to be registered, testing and quality control of the delivered products, assisting the registration department in writing relevant documents, and cooperating with the registration tasks throughout the cycle.

Job Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree and above, with at least 2 years of software product manager experience
  2. In-depth understanding of software product development process, familiar with software testing and quality control methods, strong logic and expression skills, and good communication skills
  3. Good English document writing skills, and able to communicate fluently in English and Mandarin. Candidate needs to be fluent in Mandarin as the he/she is expected to work and communicate with both internal and external Mandarin-speaking stakeholders/clients in China.

Those who meet the following criteria will be given priority:

  1. Medical software product or AI product manager work experience
  2. Clinical medicine or radiology education or work background
  3. Relevant experience in medical device software registration

+65 6821 1272

+65 6821 1272

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